Environment News Service AmeriScan Index

May 2002

  • AmeriScan: May 31, 2002
    • Cruise Ships Called Floating, Polluted Cities
    • Lawsuit Challenges Delayed Smog Standards
    • Subpoenas Seek Protection for Task Force Papers
    • New Rule Would Speed Drug Approval
    • Aqua Satellite Has a Glitch
    • DOE Pledges Millions to Cleanup Cold War Sites
    • New Panel Will Advise EPA About Superfund
    • 26 New National Trails Named

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  • AmeriScan: May 30, 2002
    • Wilderness Bill Targets Washington's Lowlands
    • Glacial Retreat Seen Worldwide
    • New EPA Facility Supports Environmental Research
    • Virginia University to Aid Developing Nations
    • Heavy Rains Reduce Eastern Drought
    • Critical Habitat Proposed for Hawaiian Plants
    • Rio Grande's Artificial Surge Prompts Spawning
    • Habitat Restoration Headed for Dakota Battlefield
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  • AmeriScan: May 29, 2002
    • $100 Million Will Buy California Salt Ponds
    • Activist Arrested Blockading Forest Service
    • New Center Focuses on Transportation Solutions
    • Environmental Estrogen May Harm Breeding Songbirds
    • Hot Polymer Catches Carbon Dioxide
    • Appalachian Trail Group Opposes Wind Farm
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  • AmeriScan: May 28, 2002
    • Judge Refuses to Dismiss Energy Task Force Suit
    • Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards Lowered
    • Fast Track Trade Approval Could Harm Environment
    • Chemical Warfare Agents Released Over Navy Ships
    • Ashland Fined $10.7 Million for Refinery Fire
    • Conference Produces Wildfire Management Plan
    • Deep Sea Expedition Explores Galapagos Vents
    • 2003 Parks Pass to Feature New Mexico Monument
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  • AmeriScan: May 23, 2002
    • Heavy Hurricane Season Ahead
    • Conservation Acres Opened to Livestock Grazing
    • California Canal Will Finally Be Water Tight
    • New Tactics May Keep Elephants Out of Crops
    • Convicted Tiger Dealer Sent to His Room
    • Pheasant Farmers Charges With Killing Protected Birds
    • Wild Puerto Rican Parrot Population Increases by Nine
    • Northwest Folklife Festival Features Forest Fun
    • Radio Tagged Fish Become Sturgeon Detectives
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  • AmeriScan: May 22, 2002
    • Enviros Pan U.S.-Russian Arms Pact
    • Bioterrorism Bill Commits Billions for Readiness
    • Particulate Pollution Blamed for California Health Problems
    • Vacationers Often Find Unhealthy Beaches
    • Groups Plan Suit Over Albany Lead Program
    • West Nile Virus Crops Up Again
    • Paddlefish Caviar Lands Dealers in Court
    • Humorous Energy Efficiency Ad Wins Award
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  • AmeriScan: May 21, 2002
    • Federal Biologists Approve Columbia River Dredging
    • Oregon Forestland Could Be Opened to Mining
    • House Bill Would Reform 1872 Mining Law
    • Makah Whaling Can Proceed, Judge Rules
    • Settlement Will Improve San Francisco Transit System
    • Brownfields Grants Benefit Dozens of Communities
    • Mammoth Cave Bioprospecting Produces Potential Cancer Drug
    • Wildlife Watching On the Rise, as Hunting Declines
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  • AmeriScan: May 20, 2002
    • Planned Destruction of Smallpox Virus Canceled
    • Lawsuit Halts Plutonium Shipments in Flawed Containers
    • Federal Drought Emergency Declared in Arizona
    • Drought Continues Across Much of U.S.
    • Roadless Areas Called Crucial to Outdoor Recreation
    • Maryland Passes Environmental Protection Bills
    • BLM Honors Outstanding Volunteers
    • Visit Natural Areas Via the Internet
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  • AmeriScan: May 17, 2002
    • Estimate of Alaska Petroleum Reserve Quadruples
    • Wildfire Destroys Seven Homes in Arizona
    • California Could Save $28 Billion, Protect Environment
    • Millions of California Acres Could be Protected by Senate Bill
    • 17 States, Virgin Islands Earn Clean Beach Certificates
    • Wasting Disease Working Group Unites Federal Agencies
    • Humans Responsible for One Quarter of Sulfur Gas
    • Second California Condor Chick Born in the Wild
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  • AmeriScan: May 16, 2002
    • New Whistleblower Law Holds Agencies Accountable
    • Enviro Group Report Rebuts Federal Fire Policies
    • Carbon Sinks Cannot Keep Up With Emissions
    • Agreement Accelerates Oak Ridge Cleanup
    • Rio Grande Flows Spiked to Boost Minnow Spawning
    • Petroleum Company Fined for Washington Spill
    • $5.5 Million Available for Coral Conservation
    • Critical Habitat Proposed for Hawaiian Plants
    • Indiana Animal Controls Called Inhumane
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  • AmeriScan: May 15, 2002
    • Huge Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica
    • Grasslands Reserve Program May Help Birds
    • Refuge Concessionaires Could Swap Repairs for Rent
    • Rainfall Variability Wiped Out Butterfly Populations
    • Energy Agency Honors Alternative Fuels Projects
    • Commuter Friendly Companies Win Awards
    • U.S. Supports Marine Pollution Workshop in Jamaica
    • National Conference Looks at Environmental Mediation
    • Graduate Students Win Marine Science Fellowships
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  • AmeriScan: May 14, 2002
    • Bush Administration Appeals Mountaintop Mining Ruling
    • Bill Would Open Denali Wilderness to Snowmobiles
    • Altered Algae Soaks Up Toxic Metals
    • U.S. Lends Environmental Satellite to Japan
    • Agreement Helps Protect Seven Species
    • Grant Targets Unhealthy Indoor Air
    • Ocean Model Could Aid Oil Spill Cleanup
    • Lobsters Still Declining in Long Island Sound
    • Harrison Ford Wins Environmental Award
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  • AmeriScan: May 13, 2002
    • White House Tries to Block Energy Task Force Deposition
    • Oklahoma Company Slammed by Enviros, Union
    • Physicians Group Opposes Yucca Mountain Shipments
    • Oceanographer to Receive National Medal of Science
    • Park Service Arts Program Promotes Eco-Awareness
    • Online Library Lists Incentives for Private Conservation
    • Boston Trash Hauler Pays $3.4 Million Fine
    • Smog Forecast Service Expanded
    • Solarbrate Events Highlight Solar Power
    • Improper Trash Disposal Endangers Wildlife
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  • AmeriScan: May 10, 2002
    • DOE Delays Plutonium Shipments to South Carolina
    • U.S. - Russia Task Force Tackles Dirty Bombs
    • House Defense Bill Approves Environmental Exemptions
    • 10 Miles of California Coastline Protected
    • Ship Pollution Treaty Headed for Ratification
    • Fishing Buybacks Fail to Help Fisheries
    • DEET Linked to Neurological Damage
    • Week Long Survey Targets Davidson Seamount
    • Cleaning Air Could Cost Just Pennies
    • New York Bans Lead Sinker Sales
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  • AmeriScan: May 9, 2002
    • EPA Enforcement Nominee Called Unqualified
    • Farm Bill Headed for Bush Signature
    • Commission: Damaged Reactor Cap Needs Replacing
    • Asthma Awareness Month Marked with Awards
    • Turning Lights Off Saves Bird Lives
    • Fuel Cells Demonstrated in 10 California Homes
    • Most Horseshoe Crabs Survive Medical Bleeding
    • Stranded Dolphin Returned to the Sea
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  • AmeriScan: May 8, 2002
    • House Approves Nuclear Dump at Yucca Mountain
    • Wisconsin Lawmakers to Hold Special Session on Wasting Disease
    • Organic Foods Shown to Have Less Pesticide Residue
    • California Conserves Power for Second No Blackout Summer
    • Idaho National Lab Chosen for Wildland Fire Trials
    • Groups to Sue Army Corps over Endangered Sturgeon
    • Research Ships Investigate Southern Ocean Food Chain
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  • AmeriScan: May 7, 2002
    • Congress Considering Solutions to Plutonium Controversy
    • BP Switches to Ethanol in California
    • Governments Prepare for Tough Fire Season
    • Roadless Protection Act Gathering Steam
    • Jet Ski Industry Claims Partial Victory
    • Waste Characterization Could Speed Hanford Cleanup
    • American Wetlands Month Sees New Protection Efforts
    • Toxic Algae Blamed for Marine Species Deaths
    • Vermont Utility Customers Can Fund Renewable Projects
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  • AmeriScan: May 6, 2002
    • West Virginia Flood Victims Get Emergency Funds
    • Gulf War Vets Ill from Anthrax Vaccination, Medication
    • Chronic Wasting Disease Puts Wisconsin Deer in Hunters' Sights
    • Illegal Brazilian Mahogany Remains Impounded at 15 Ports
    • EPA Distributes $21.5 million in Brownfields Grants
    • Arkansas Shuts Down Waste Management's Tontitown Landfill
    • Recreational Town of Lake Tahoe to Run CNG Buses
    • Creosote Bush Could Be the Oldest Living Thing on Earth
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  • AmeriScan: May 3, 2002
    • Bush Administration to Permit Mining Waste in Streams
    • Court Stops Makah Whale Hunt with Restraining Order
    • Nuclear Industry Bankrolls Junket for Congressional Staffers
    • Polluted Stormwater Could be Pumped into Everglades
    • Fish Farm Opponents Make Strange Bedfellows
    • Battlebots Go Underwater in Student Competition
    • Kayak Expedition Investigates Gulf of Maine
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  • AmeriScan: May 2, 2002
    • Wildlife Smugglers Indicted in Illinois
    • Hawaii Container Law is First in 20 Years
    • Wildlife Refuge Created on Ohio Key
    • Shrimp Imports From Haiti, Indonesia Banned
    • May is EPA Environmental Science Month
    • Gypsy Moth Spraying Resumes in Pennsylvania
    • Mosquitoes Could Harbor Dengue Fever in Tucson
    • Ice Cream Flavor Combats Global Warming
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  • AmeriScan: May 1, 2002
    • Explosion, Fire Destroy Texas Petrochemical Plant
    • Logging Halted in Roadless Tongass Regions
    • Rat Poison Kills Birds on Anacapa Island
    • El Niņo Could Rescue Parched Southwest
    • Energy Department Seeks Ways to Expand Geothermal Power
    • Black Bear Study Offers Good News
    • Hybrid Honda Civic Now in Dealerships
    • Park Service Tests Segway Human Transporter
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