Environment News Service AmeriScan Index

March 2002

  • AmeriScan: March 28, 2002
    • Lawsuit Prompts Withdrawal of Mine Approval
    • Texaco Penalized for Utah Oil Spills
    • Fire Protection Industry to Reduce Emissions
    • Citizens, Green Groups Call for Monument Protection
    • Fuel Cell Turbine Power Plant Passes Tests
    • Huge Marine Sanctuary Proposed in Hawaii
    • Fish Passage Restored on Alaska's Chatanika River
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  • AmeriScan: March 27, 2002
    • Campaign Reform Bill Becomes Law
    • Abandoned Mine Getting $87 Million Cleanup
    • New York City in Drought Emergency
    • Abraham Campaigns for Yucca Mountain Waste Repository
    • Agua Fria National Monument Under Attack
    • Two Biomass Pilot Projects Approved
    • Industry Representative to Head Agriculture's Conservation Office
    • Corps of Engineers, United Nations to Cooperate on Water Issues
    • Bronx Zoo Feathers Help Save Rare Birds
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  • AmeriScan: March 26, 2002
    • Bush Administration Undermining Air Quality Protections
    • Security Gaps Found at Nuclear Plants
    • Court Reduces U.S. Control Over Shrimp Imports
    • Arsenic Linked to Arterial Diseases
    • Smart Growth Programs Fall Victim to Budget Cuts
    • Hazardous Wastes Could Become New Fuel
    • Sensitive Sensor Finds Missing Pollutant
    • 2002 Sees Few Tornadoes - So Far
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  • AmeriScan: March 25, 2002
    • EPA to Oversee Alabama Emergency PCB Cleanup
    • Lead Company to Buy Homes Near Smelter
    • Landlord Faces Jail Over Lead Paint Violations
    • Hurricanes Reduce Carbon Sequestration by Forests
    • Missouri Seeks Changes in River Management
    • Scientists Seek Climate Clues in Alaska
    • Memorial Trees Honor Terrorism Victims
    • Hotline Offers Wildlife Conflict Advice - Anytime
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  • AmeriScan: March 22, 2002
    • One Year Deadline Holds for All Species Listings
    • Coalition Wants Toxic Wood Preservatives Banned
    • Underwater Chute Makes Longlines Safer for Birds
    • Clean Air Rules Proposed for Northwestern Tribes
    • $5.9 Million Helps New York State Recycle
    • $1.1 Million Supports Safer New England Beaches
    • Cleaner Engines Available to Boaters
    • Humane Society Recommends Nonlethal Wildlife Controls
    • Spring Cleaning Should Include Invasive Species
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  • AmeriScan: March 21, 2002
    • Mercury Contaminates Polar Regions
    • Jet Ski Ban Could Be Delayed
    • New York Lakes Fail to Freeze
    • California Senator Fights Landfilling of Radioactive Waste
    • Sunlight, PCB Exposure Raise Skin Cancer Risk
    • Legislators Endorse Health Tracking Network
    • $90 Million Supports Safer Water Systems
    • 729 Buildings Earn Energy Star Label
    • Sea Fans Help Regenerate Damaged Coral Reef
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  • AmeriScan: March 20, 2002
    • Star Wars Sites to Get Environmental Reviews
    • Navy Bombing Violates Migratory Bird Treaty Act
    • Klamath Tribes Could Recover Reservation Lands
    • Pennsylvania Seeks Action on Interstate Waste
    • California Plans Boost in Renewable Portfolio
    • River Traffic Creates Air Pollution
    • Prototype Snowmobile Cuts Pollution
    • Researcher Helps Increase African Farm Yields
    • Rescue Dogs, Handlers Studied for Health Effects
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  • AmeriScan: March 19, 2002
    • California Delays MTBE Ban by One Year
    • Hole in Nuclear Reactor Vessel Prompts Inspections
    • Parasites May Signal Ecosystem Changes
    • Groups Sue to Protect Santa Ana Sucker
    • Fresh Water Mapped Under the Sea
    • Natural Antifreeze Promises Medical Advances
    • Wild Birds Unlimited Honored for Conservation Work
    • Rock Band REM Seeks Protection of America's Forests
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  • AmeriScan: March 18, 2002
    • Colorado Red Lights Radioactive Shipments from New Jersey
    • Ferro Corp. Settles Clean Air Act Claims for $3.8 Million
    • Gorbachev Honors Global Green Award Winners
    • Biodiesel to Fuel Buffalo Buses
    • Dept. of Energy Awards Biomass and Methane Contracts
    • Researchers Explore Capture and Storage of Carbon Dioxide
    • Comment Sought on Irradiation of Imported Fruits, Vegetables
    • Heavy Fines Levied in First Tortugas Reserve Violations
    • EPA Offers $10 Million for Beach Health
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  • AmeriScan: March 15, 2002
    • Senate Jettisons Renewable Energy Standard
    • CFC Smugglers Plead Guilty
    • Major Drought Expected to Continue
    • Massachusetts Debates $625 Million Bond
    • Physicist to Direct Office of Science
    • Isotope Monitors Track Hexavalent Chromium
    • Hunting, Fishing Taxes Fund Environmental Projects
    • Emerald Mountain Protected Through Land Swap
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  • AmeriScan: March 13, 2002
    • Feds Disagree on ANWR Oil Statistics
    • White House Ignores International Forest Agreements
    • U.S. Scores Poorly on Renewable Investments
    • Toyota Spends Millions Over Faulty Monitors
    • Forest Service Rethinks Logging Plan
    • Former Indian Village Preserved
    • Terrorist Victim Receives Valor Award
    • Website Highlights Safe Seafood Selections
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  • AmeriScan: March 12, 2002
    • Emissions Trading Not Working, Groups Charge
    • Texas Bans Deer Imports to Battle Disease
    • Entergy Funds Methane Recovery Project
    • $2.2 Million Supports Phytoremediation Studies
    • Former Texas Environmental Official Convicted
    • Bill Would Outlaw Polar Bears in Traveling Shows
    • Fire Ants Could Cost California Millions
    • Ads Link Human, Environmental Rights
    • Dr. Pepper Sponsors Green Spring Break Project
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  • AmeriScan: March 11, 2002
    • Farmers and Fish to Share Klamath Basin Water
    • Army Corps Reform Bill Aims to Aid Environment
    • California's Dilemma: Clean Air or Clean Water
    • Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads to Wisconsin
    • New York Protects Birds Along Lake Champlain Shore
    • Orangutan Show Owner Ordered to Pay Lawyers
    • Restoring Summer Salmon, One Fish at a Time
    • Seashells Act as Ocean Antacid
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  • AmeriScan: March 8, 2002
    • House May Delay Jet Ski Ban in National Parks
    • Idaho BLM Director Resigns
    • Pipeline Safety Bill Reintroduced in Senate
    • China, U.S. Negotiate Biotech Trade Agreement
    • Hurricane Driven Floods Spill Animal Wastes
    • $1 Million Supports Pacific Northwest Fisheries Enforcement
    • States Could Get Authority to Control Geese
    • Hemp Industry Wins Stay on Food Ban
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  • AmeriScan: March 7, 2002
    • Army Corps Secretary Steps Down
    • Bush Administration Assaults Environmental Protections
    • Alternative Energy Could Enhance National Security
    • EPA Extends Deadline for Emissions Standards
    • EPA Region 8 Administrator Appointed
    • Circus Polar Bear Relocated to Baltimore Zoo
    • 171 Acres on Mount Si Protected
    • Manatees Use Hairs as Underwater Antennae
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  • AmeriScan: March 6, 2002
    • Seven Agencies Must Release Energy Task Force Records
    • California Approves Record Environmental Bond
    • Researchers Tackle Mountains of Used Tires
    • Colorado Logging Project Appealed
    • Ohio City Devotes Millions to Controlling Sewage
    • Critical Habitat Declined for Pacific Right Whales
    • Clean Air Awards Honor Innovative Projects
    • Computer Models Track Smoke from Prescribed Burns
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  • AmeriScan: March 5, 2002
    • Oil Drilling Contaminates Kenai Refuge
    • Waste of Marine Life Puts Oceans At Risk
    • Rescuers Help 11 of 14 Stranded Dolphins Out to Sea
    • Energy Department Supports Clean Coal, Nuclear Power
    • Bison Activists Arrested
    • Volcanic Eruptions Could Damage Ozone Layer
    • EPA Proposed Cooling Water Rules
    • Restored Salt Marshes Measure Up
    • Lizards, Salamanders Use Lungs to Hear
    • Cataract Surgery Applied to Threatened Sturgeon
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  • AmeriScan: March 4, 2002
    • Bill Would Increase Some Enforcement Penalties
    • Young Activists Visit Capitol Hill
    • New Committee Explores Klamath Basin Issues
    • Lawsuit Seeks Restrictions on Logging in Salmon Habitat
    • Maryland Groups Increase Efforts to Protect Watershed
    • Biotech Industry Challenges Mexican Maize Warnings
    • Black Legislators More Likely to Vote Pro-Environment
    • Washington State Bans Suspect Herbicide
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  • AmeriScan: March 1, 2002
    • Military Seeks Exemptions from Environmental Rules
    • Millstone Nuclear Fuel Rods Still Missing
    • EPA Cracks Down on Hog Farms
    • $10 Million Supports Clean Energy Research
    • Cleaner Commuter Choices Detailed Online
    • Sierra Club Supports Steelworker Benefits
    • Website Promotes Home Water Efficiency
    • Oil Rigs Rise in Capitol Reflecting Pool
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