Environment News Service AmeriScan Index

February 2002

  • AmeriScan: February 28, 2002
    • EPA Must Revise DC's Runoff Rules
    • EPA Enforcement Nominee Challenged
    • Reclamation: Klamath Farmers Can Expect Water
    • Rad Waste Shipments Worry Mayors
    • Pennsylvania Defends Mining Regulations
    • Park Service Budget Needs a Boost
    • Bill Would Ban Unnecessary Antibiotics on Farms
    • Quadruplet Sharks Born in Steinhart Aquarium
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  • AmeriScan: February 27, 2002
    • Libby, Montana Proposed as Superfund Site
    • Fishers, Conservationists Defend Klamath Salmon
    • Religious Leaders Promote Energy Conservation
    • Conservation Groups Urge Water Quality Investments
    • Aqua Satellite Prepared for Launch
    • Point Reyes Gains 522 New Acres
    • Lawlessness Decreased at Imperial Dunes
    • Olympics Donate Wood from Winter Games
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  • AmeriScan: February 26, 2002
    • Pennsylvania Steel Mills Fined $8.2 Million
    • Hybrid Cars Help Bush Tout Energy Plan
    • DOE Plans Two New MOX Reactors
    • BLM Reviews Ecosystem Restoration
    • Human Harassment Threatens Marine Mammals
    • Grant Supports Horseshoe Crab Conservation
    • California's Living Marine Resources Reviewed
    • Insecticide Shows Promise Against Longhorned Beetle
    • U.S. Supports Environmental Initiatives in Czech Republic
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  • AmeriScan: February 22, 2002
    • U.S. Has Warmest November - January Ever
    • Gulf War Mortality Figures Alarm Veterans
    • Lawsuit Seeks to Curb Central Valley Water Pollution
    • $2.22 Million Funds Phytoremediation Studies
    • Women Play Vital Role in Environmental Planning
    • Chinese Tallow Trees Take Over Texas Grasslands
    • Environmental Changes Increase Fish Vulnerability
    • Sunflowers Could Replace Rubber Trees
    • Campaign Offers Sea Turtle Information
    • Idaho Team Helps Set Up Guatemalan Reserve
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  • AmeriScan: February 21, 2002
    • East Coast Drought Intensifies
    • Lieberman Reproaches Bush on Environment
    • Slowing Ocean Currents Could Freeze Europe
    • Deep Water Waves Power Ocean Engines
    • Researchers Map Herbivore Biodiversity
    • California Utility Submits Historic Clean Energy Plan
    • Action Mining Funds Runoff Treatment
    • Removing Dominant Males Can Boost Genetic Diversity
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  • AmeriScan: February 20, 2002
    • EPA Initiative Promotes Greenhouse Gas Reductions
    • Arctic Ice Melt Could Be Security Issue
    • Biomass Burning Boosts Stratospheric Moisture
    • Interior Reviews Yellowstone Snowmobiles - Again
    • Public Lands Grazing Fees Remain Low
    • Students Aid National Parks Through Research
    • Protections for Endangered Dragonfly Aid Ecosystem
    • Pentagon Rebuilding With Eco-Friendly Paint
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  • AmeriScan: February 19, 2002
    • Sustainable Agriculture Adopted in Developing World
    • Information Technology Aids Biodiversity Conservation
    • Robots Track Algae Bloom, Global Warming
    • Sharks in Alaskan Waters Herald Global Warming
    • Houston Gains High Tech Environmental Facility
    • Scientists Simulate Chemical Release in Salt Lake
    • Grants Available for Environmental Technologies
    • Salt Lake Honors Environmental Achievements
    • Firefighter Told Bush Not to Drill in ANWR
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  • AmeriScan: February 18, 2002
    • Global Warming Could Persist for Centuries
    • Make Conservation Profitable, Ecologist Urges
    • California Seeks Oil Lease Swap With Louisiana
    • $7 Million Targeted for Casmalia Superfund Site
    • Asian Longhorned Beetle Invades Central Park
    • EPA Lifts San Francisco Highway Sanctions
    • 2001 Shark Attacks Not Unusual
    • Florida to Buy Panther Habitat
    • NRC Issues Reports on Safety, Enforcement
    • Paint Contractor Dumped Lead Chips
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  • AmeriScan: February 15, 2002
    • Greenhouse Emissions to Increase Under New Bush Plan
    • Alaska Governor Supports Arctic Refuge Drilling
    • Volcano Research Shows Humans Caused Global Warming
    • Elephant, Rhino, Tiger Conservation Laws Reauthorized
    • Fixing Antique Cincinnati Sewers Could Cost $450 Million
    • Florida Man Indicted in Sailor's Death from MTBE
    • Greenways and Trails Unburden Roads and Rails
    • West Virginia Wildlife Refuge Adds 12,000 Acres
    • How Clean is Your Estuary? New Measurement Tool
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  • AmeriScan: February 14, 2002
    • House Passes Campaign Finance Reform Bill
    • Court Invalidates Wood Waste Dumping Permits
    • Better Security Ordered for Nuclear Plants
    • DOE Reassigns Environmental Managers
    • Congress Revisits Individual Fishing Quotas
    • Park Service Website Back Online
    • Tagged Blue Whales Clear Up Mysteries
    • Cotton Candy Polymer Protects Plants
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  • AmeriScan: February 13, 2002
    • Habitat Homes Headed for Brownfields
    • Chicken Antibiotic Called Too Similar to Cipro
    • Climate Change Could Change Forests
    • Natural Gas Fueled Buses Hit DC Streets
    • Northeast States Form Mercury Clearinghouse
    • HUD Funds Lead Cleanup in Subsidized Housing
    • Conservationist Awarded Gold Medal by Cambodia
    • Cape Cod Groundwater Cleanup Challenges Managers
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  • AmeriScan: February 12, 2002
    • Some Lakes Recovering From Acid Rain
    • Reid: Keep Snowmobiles Out of Yellowstone
    • Rhode Island Wins Round One in Lead Paint Lawsuit
    • Baking Companies Urged to Slash CFC Emissions
    • Grants Support Environmental Cost-Benefit Studies
    • Truck Repair Firm Admits Illegal Dumping
    • Keeping Common Species Common in New York
    • Jaguar Photographed In Arizona
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  • AmeriScan: February 11, 2002
    • Anti-Anthrax Steps Could be Causing Illnesses
    • DOE Guidelines Promote Energy Efficient Schools
    • Lawsuit Seeks Protections for Cumberland Island
    • Shark Finning Ban Extended to Pacific Ocean
    • $3.7 Million Settles Violations at Pennsylvania Landfill
    • Land Managers Sued Over Off Road Vehicles
    • Wolf Confirmed in Washington State
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  • AmeriScan: February 8, 2002
    • Senate Passes Limits on Farm Subsidies
    • $30 Million Supports Arctic Climate Research
    • School Bus Pollution Ranked State by State
    • Energy Exploration Threatens Utah Desert
    • Michigan Protects 6,275 Acres with Energy Royalties
    • Timber Association Vows to End Illegal Logging
    • Missouri Gets $6 Million for Weatherization
    • Angelina Jolie Speaks Out at Olympics
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  • AmeriScan: February 7, 2002
    • Nitrate Pollution Plagues U.S., China Groundwater
    • EPA's Sewage Sludge Research Challenged
    • El Niņo Predicted for Tropical Pacific
    • Religious, Senate Leaders Oppose ANWR Drilling
    • Ocean Vent Creatures Studied in Surface Tanks
    • International Team Targets Arsenic in Bangladesh
    • Kraft Targeted by Genetic Engineering Critics
    • New Photosynthetic Bacteria Found in Oceans
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  • AmeriScan: February 6, 2002
    • Lawsuit Challenges Pacific Salmon Protections - Again
    • Lake Erie Threatened by Energy Exploration
    • Tyson Foods Charged With Superfund Violations
    • Bioremediation Cleans Up Groundwater
    • Tracking Satellites Save Lives
    • Olympics' Coyote Mascot Unappreciated in Utah
    • California Computer Waste Could be Recycled
    • Ocelot Habitat Replanted in Texas
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  • AmeriScan: February 5, 2002
    • Rising CO2 Hampers Fertilizers
    • Air Pollution Plagues Winter Olympics Site
    • EPA Claims Record Enforcement Numbers
    • Indian Point Nuke Plant Could be Terrorist Target
    • BLM Manager Reassigned After Enviro Friendly Settlement
    • New Power Plant Could Threaten Kentucky Park
    • Acadia National Park Facing $7.3 Million Shortfall
    • Scientists Decoding Tree Genome
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  • AmeriScan: February 4, 2002
    • Slaughter Of Diseased Livestock for Human Food Challenged
    • 25 Groups Object to Appeals Court Nominee
    • Hemp Food Taste Test on Capitol Hill
    • Klamath Basin Water Enough for Fish Last Summer
    • Hudson River Will be Dredged to Remove PCBs
    • Study of Airborne Particles May Yield Benefits for Human Health
    • California Communities Awarded $7.2 Million for Conservation
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  • AmeriScan: February 1, 2002
    • Ozone Causes Asthma in Athletic Kids
    • Some Millennium Celebrations Included Fake Caviar
    • Warming Tropics Show Reduced Cloud Cover
    • EPA Must Review Ballast Water Regulations
    • Transco Must Test, Cleanup 10,500 Mile Pipeline
    • DOE Plans Acceleration of Cleanup Efforts
    • Inspection Team Sent to Callaway Nuke Plant
    • G-8 Energy Meeting Headed for Detroit
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